Thursday, September 29, 2016

Day 8 - Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

We arrived in saint John, in the province of New Brunswick at noon - we had to wait until it was high tide, before we could sail into the harbor. Saint John is the place in the world with the greatest difference between the low and high tide - a total of 16 meters (50 feet).

At 1 pm we went on an excursion which included the Reversing falls and St. Martins Sea Caves. We started the tour at the City Market, a covered market, built in 1870 with local goods. Continued on to "Reversing Falls", where Saint John river flows into the Bay of Fundy. Because of the large difference in the tide runs large amounts of water into the Saint John River from the Bay of Fundy, when it is high tide. When the tide falls after 6,5 hours (low tide) the large volumes of water with great force back from the river to the bay - flow is changing so every 6,5 hours.

It's a must to visit the Reversing Falls twice in order to see the phenomenon.
We were back at 6:30 pm to see the water flowing from the river back into the bay.
Below is a short video highlighting when waters is flowing from the Bay of Fundy into the river gorge and back again 6 hours later. 


Below the top row pictures are where water runs from the Bay of Fundy into the Saint John River at about 01:30 pm. The bottom row of images are where the water with great force flows back again to the Bay of Fundy at 06:30 pm:

Reversing Falls at high tide
 ...waters is pushed ..
...  into the river
At low tide in Bay of Fundy
...the stream is reversing... water is flowing back into the Bay

The tour then went to St. Martins, a small fishing village about 50 km (31 miles) north of Saint John. Also here there was a big difference between the tide and the fishing boats were in the harbor standing on the seabed.
We ate clamp chowder (soup of fish and shellfish) at a restaurant in St. Martins, Sea Cave - an area where the water has made big caves in the cliffs. Here we also saw the typical covered wooden bridges.
On the way back to Saint John and the ship we did stop again by "Reversing Falls" to see the water running back into the Bay of Fundy. The trip ended with a local beer at an Irish pub.
When we came back to Anthem of the Seas she lay much lower in the water Dinner in Restaurant Silk - spring rolls for starters, roasted duck for main course and a 'green tea cake' for dessert. It fell not to our taste so we got some strawberries with chocolate.
We had to wait until 10 pm before there was enough water in the harbor that we could sail away.

A short video from our day in New Brunswick

... and some pictures from the day:
Low tide in the harbor
St Martins Sea Caves
Coast line at St. Martins

A short video from our day in Saint John:

Pictures of Anthem in the port of Saint John:
Anthem at 01:00 am
--- and at 07:00 pm
Anthem of the Seas in Saint John