Friday, September 30, 2016

Day 9 - At Sea

On our way from Saint John back to Cape Liberty Cruise Port - a trip of 36 hours. The weather has deteriorated - rain and more wind.
At 1 pm we were on the bridge. Unfortunately, Captain Henrik not on duty. We were guided by the Swedish female second officer.
After the visit to the bridge we went in Two70 where there was 'Captain's corner', where it was possible to ask questions about the cruise and cruising in general- quite entertaining.
Before dinner we got a 'Manhattan' in the Concierge Lounge and then dinner in the Windjammer Café - Mongolian barbecue, cheese and a little dessert.
Bags packed and placed outside the door at 10 pm.

Photos from the bridge with our Swedish second officer 'guide'.

Second Officer explains....
...Radar and maps.
First officer and navigator on duty.